We at Solid Design Audio supply and install equipment for AV, Sound, Home theater, Computer & CCTV  systems, as well as Instruments & Lighting.

We are a team of designers and sound engineers focused on quality, design, creativity, and precision. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Solid Design Audio is designing sound systems for some of the coolest places in the county. Beginning in 2012 with a sound install for "Pour Vous" voted  10 best new bars in the U.S.  by CNN.com eatocracy we are in the center of new cultural revolution for quality design in venues sweeping the country. Focusing on quality products from Italian speaker manufacturer RCF, Zone systems by Ashly, and Intelligent subs by BAG END to name a few. We believe in putting our name behind quality products we believe in. 

Thank you,

Phillip Jordan


Solid Design Audio.