Our install, Pour Vous: Thanks to Jonnie and Marc Houston

 Check out our install At Pour Vous! Cocktail Bar of the year..Finalist! http://www.nightclub.com/awards/nightclub-bar-highlights-2013-awards-finalists  

Showcase RCF INSTALL "No Vacancy" at the Hotel Juniper - Hollywood

    This is an Install we can be proud of, with our new favorite DSP powered speaker model throughout, the RCF tt051A.   We also used the powerful and beautifully designed 135db  RCF S8015 slow profile subs 135dbRCF S8015s, and an Ashly zone system featuring an Ashly 24.24 controlled by 3 wr5 remotes.  Each zone can by sourced by 4 DJ input locations, and each area outside, upstairs bar, downstairs bar and dance floor has independent volume control.      We also ran a sequenced Power Dis...